Delay is unpopular but inevitable

I’m ashamed to be so delayed in writing a update for the Shoes, but to say we’ve been busy is an understatement!
We’ve had at least five people working every day from 7.00am – 5.00pm except Sundays. It’s becoming a very laborious birth of the new incarnation of the Shoes.Continue reading

The Work Continues

So another week at the shoes, physically not much has changed we keep finding traces of its previous lives and characters as we delve and explore into why and when, the building reveals It’s self like an old actor taking taking off makeup and you get to see the wise but slightly haggard face of many year of performances, scenes and experience.Continue reading

A new beginning

So it’s been a week since we took the keys to the Three Horseshoes in Fordham, “A week and you haven’t told us anything” I hear you shout.
Well we were in France for most of that week on a family Holiday taking a breather but before that a certain Jesus`s Birthday got in the way of the Solicitors and Bankers Holidays and virtually no one but the Hospitality trade worked for the last 3 weeks, so it ended up that we exchanged and completed on the 4th January over a phone 2000m up a french mountain standing one legged on to a 6 foot wall to get a signal.

Well it’s been a long start to this journey to acquiring our fourth pub. It started with a call a year ago from my accountant asking if I could help some newbies to the pub industry. They had been referred to her to help sort all the other stuff that clouds the actual job of making customers happy like Tax, NI, Vat, profit making etc .

I am always happy to help any Publicans as it’s a bloody hard, lonely job and sometimes just an ear to listen to your woes is all you need, I think that everyone generally has the answers but not always the right questions. So ended up getting to know the lovely Roger and Sian who had gone into the “Shoes” on a rescue mission and worked selflessly to help keep it a Locals Local. They faced many issues but managed to stabilise the pubs trade with the help of their fantastic team. But this is a hard trade especially on family time and Roger and Sian wanted theirs back, luckily the company who owned it also wanted to move it on , so the delicate and costly process of buying the freehold and the lease and joining them together along with transferring the team begun in August 2016. Like a house of cards we had to hand it delicately and keep it hush hush as the whole lot might tumble down but it was probably the worse kept secret ever.

So what now? Well lots of planning, prodding, listening, watching, talking and work to gently bring the “Shoes” into the Saint Arnold Group of fabulous pubs. I know the team is excited and can do this and I know the Shoes is worth the effort and ultimately I know the community will be pleased with what we create, It’s just going to be very very hard work but I’ve never been afraid of that.

If you want to see the journey along with the trials, tears and tribulations please come back to the Saint Arnold website where I will post videos, pictures and Blog about it, you could visit us to see how we are progressing but we can’t say it will look as good as the other Pubs yet but we promise a great welcome, a good pint and some tasty food with lots of stories about the road ahead.

Welcome to the gang and long live the “Shoes”

The Three Horseshoes, Fordham