The Gambler

In the Kenny Rogers song ‘The Gambler’ he sung:

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away, Know when to run”

According to Kenny that’s the secret of a sucessful life and I believe he may be right, because after a emotional conversation with one of the herd the other evening I pursued Kenny’s  theory a bit further with a couple of very successful business men. They believe that not folding on bad business deals sooner was some of their worse costly mistakes they made and using the perfect science of hindsight they highlighted why and consequences .

Now coming back to my sad herd member his dilemma was about a relationship that he believed had run its course and he couldn’t see any more future which is a much more difficult dilemma in as much as losing money may hurt the pain of ending a relationship prematurely can be far worse, but folding early is sometimes better than a long excruciating drawn out hold, but I must add this is only worth going early in a lot of situations as long as we learn the lessons from our mistakes and failures and don’t get scared of trying again.

We must remember no one, no life, no job, relationship, plan or person is ever made just perfect and that making mistakes, re-planning, re-newing, re-building, re-uniting, re-aligning,re-thinking and  re falling in love again is the only way to get better.

Now the holding option can be easiest as it’s the known risk but again the well informed and wise know that holding needs investment of time and effort and usually money. Science has researched our reasoning and we, on the whole tend to be risk averse when we’re winning and gamble more when we’re not. This poor built in decision flaw caused the last recession and makes many bookies rich. I personally believe that you should always hold things you love, invest in yourself  and never fold on Faith, Hope and Dreams.

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