The Work Continues

So another week at the shoes, physically not much has changed we keep finding traces of its previous lives and characters as we delve and explore into why and when, the building reveals It’s self like an old actor taking taking off makeup and you get to see the wise but slightly haggard face of many year of performances, scenes and experience.

We’ve picked the colours and booked the decorator, flooring is still waiting quotes, electrics are being scrutinised, plumbing problems pondered to cure the damn cold, gutters are being gutted and the cellar is being cellified.

I can’t lie that I’m shattered as I’ve been rehearsing and helping get ready to stage our village Panto, you probably can guess who I’m playing in Treasure Island at Colne Engaine village hall for most of next week.

I hope next week to confirm dates that we will have to close as it will be a bit messy but Gilly will be arranging the pub bus for some nights to help get some regulars to our other lovely venues where also some of the Shoes team will be appearing to help them get into the Saint Arnold way of life.

Talking of the team I’m very thankful to inherit them, a wonderful bunch who’ve just got on with the changes keep smiling and have some fantastic ideas for the shoes future.

Be lucky

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